Everyone's needs are different. So, we try to offer as many methods and options as possible to get out the highest quality extracts on the market. No matter the need... we got you covered.

Dry Sift or Kief

We specialize in the old hand crafted Moroccan style! This is perfect for topping off a fresh bowl, or use for further extraction and be amazed!

Bubble Hash

Using ice water and the industry leading techniques we will process cannabis into the premium solvent-less extract known as Bubble Hash!


Providing crisp, clear, slabs of shatter without the potential health hazards, poor product, or possible explosion... WOF get the results your looking for!


Full of flavor terpenoids and lipids that contribute towards this extracts distinctive “cheesy“ consistency. Crumble is the first choice for a lot of cannabis enthusiast!

Vape Cartridges

WOF will also turn cannabis into a discrete, portable way to enjoy extracts on the go.

  • 510 Thread
  • Ceramic Duel Coil Atomizer
  • Available in your favorite ORGANIC based flavors!
  • No PEG, PG, or VG or Vitamin E


Hot off the press, rosin is the product of heating and squeezing the cannabinoids out! Using various sized silk, and precision heat WOF will turn any flower into an instant dab


WOF Extracts flagship product! This high potency extract ranges from 90%~99% THCa accompanied with No Smell or Taste.

Crystalline or THC Diamonds

THC-A Diamonds are among the highest quality extract on the market. WOF industry leading extraction methods produce the cleanest crystalline available!

Bring your product to WOF. We will turn your green... in to gold!